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alright since I havent updated in like 10 days, I decided I should, and cause Jp told me too and I love the kid, so I guess I will..


We had a half day I think, so I went to Kaylas and we just hung out. Then it FINALLY got to me 6, so we picked up JB and headed to the football game. We were there super early so we helped coach a little. Then Kayla lost her purse so we went crazy looking for it, and it was right there in coach's car the whole time. nuts. The game was miserable. It was cold and rainy. I mostly sat in the stands with Ashley, i mean Sarah, Amy, Nick, Ryan, and some other people lol. Then at like the 3rd quarter me and Kayla left, it was way too cold.


It was a pretty boring day. I went to my little sisters gymnastics compeition. She did pretty good, she got a blue on floor and vault (which is the best that you can get) haa. Then I went home and sat around. I was going to go to the movies with Vince and stuff, but I was not feeling up to it so I stayed home. Bj and Dom like to call me late at night, or early in the morning, whichever you prefer.


My dad picked me up, and I went shopping with him and Michelle, who is his girlfriend. It was sweet, I didnt buy anything but its all good because he said he would take me to Somerset this weekend. yaaa buddy.


school deffinately sucked. After me and Kayla went to her house, which is the usual. We ate a ton of candy haha. Then we went to tumbling. My backhandspring is getting pretty good, if I do say so myself. Then I went to my aunts and hung out. We went on a giant walk and were freeeezing the whole time. yeah yeah then I went to bed.


Went to school, like usual. Then, I went to practice. It was alright, we worked on our big pyramid. Deffinatly not happy with that, because I dont do anything. Its pretty retarted. there is a whole stunt group that does nothing, It really sucks when we see the whole team doing something sweet, and we have no part in it. And its the same people that sit out every time. I hate it. ohh well. Then after practice me and Jp went to Kaylas.. sweet as always. We just hung out and what not. The later Dan, and some of his friends who i dont know came over. I belive there names were John and Brian? anyways they were sweet. Dan is amazing on the drums. seriously i was like "wow." Then they played some mad twister haha. I didnt want to embarrass myself because I suck lol. Then they left and later me and Jp left too. Now Im at home.. and this was a long pointless update but whatever.


I love Kayla. and noone else. haha.

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