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hold on to your teenage daughter

yea yea yea yea yea

This week was so bad. Seriously, I want to go to sleep on Sunday and wake up at 6:00 on friday. It would be sweet.

Anyways, mostly I went to Kaylas this week, she is my dog and I love her because she is soo far from being a dirt bag. Were cute together. lol. I would post our beautiful pics but I dont have them. Sorry Charlie.

Thursday we won our game, like usual except that one time. :)

Friday went to Kaylas (again) because prac. was cancelled and we were bored out of controll. Mike and Mike came and visited us. It was sweet, Mikes brother bumps. Oh love. Then we got ourselfs cute and Dale?? took us to the movies. I didnt get to sit by my Kayla, but its okay because I sat by Dom and Ryan Grover, who is sweet. He was so into the movie ohh god it was funny haha. Then we went to Wendys and that was pretty sweet. The car ride home was a little bit squished but its all good. Somehow I always sit by Bj and Marcella haha weird. Then I came home and I was all alone, it was sweeeeet I got some good thinking done. haha no.

Today I cleaned my room cause Im good, and Keith Jp Anthony and whoever else want to go to a haunted house. Whaaat.. Im scared.


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