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falling down

I went to marcellas. we rang 2 doorbells and ran away and it was not fun.

coach is moving :(


:x: Whats your name?? Sarah
:x: When was your first breath?? 12-6-89
:x: Your age?? 14
:x: Your weight?? dont know lol
:x: Height?? 5'1
:x: Whats your eye color?? blue
:x: Hair color?? brown
:x: Shoe size?? depends on the shoe

:x: What are you wearing?? cheerleading outfit
:x: What color is your shirt??  pink + black
:x: Are you happy with it??  its okay
:x: Is your tummy hungry?? always
:x: Are you jamming?? yes
:x: To what?? your so last summer -- taking back sunday
:x: Do you have to go #1?? no
:x: #2?? no
:x: A little bit of both perhaps?? haha. nooope
:x: Are you on AIM/AOL?? Aim
:x: How are you feeling?? sleepy
:x: Do you think Marcella and Sarah are .S.e.x.y.?? very haha
:x: What time is it bitch?? uhh 11:26 am

Have you .Ever.?
:x: ...puffed the cancer stick? yuck. 
:x: ...smoked the dope? yuck
:x: ...snuck out? haha
:x: ...if the ocean was vodka and you were a duck, would you go to the bottom and never come up?  maybe
:x: ...hit home ;D(wink)  haha.. nooo
:x: ...Do you have a bad case of sticky fingers? nahh not really

:x: Your bests: Stacie Marcella Kayla!!!!!!!!!!!
:x: Most fantastic: Stacie :)
:x: Most Supercalafragulisticexpialadocious: hahahahahaha
:x: Most insane: oooh Kayla or marcella
:x: Most terrific: Kayla
:x: Most sunshiney: me haha 
:x: Most adorable: all of them =D
:x: Most sexiest: we are all mad sexy.
:x: Most annoying: :x
:x: Most Hyperactive: they all have their times.
:x: Most aggrivating: i dont know lol
:x: Most outgoing: hmm
:x: Most obnoxious: I duno lol
:x: Most ghetto fab: marcella.. duckets?wtf. lol
:x: Most intelligent: Kayla
:x: Most wanted(lol): hm.
:x: Most athletic:  Vince and Mike mostly
:x: Most obsessive: me haha
:x: Most retarded laugh: deff. me or kayla. <3
:x: The funny one: Stacie Amanda and Vince
:x: The trouble maker: ooh. geez. lol Vince and Kayla!
:x: The Dope Dooer:  eww none!
:x: The Juvenille Deliquent(*sp*): oh umm i dont know!
:x: The Gambler: i duno lol
:x: The biggest Drama Queen: i<3umarcella <3333
:x: The biggest Drama King: I duno, vince i guess? lol
:x: Best Singer: haha none
:x: Worst Singer: marcella and then me lol
:x: Best dressed: Kayla
:x: Best Eyes: Kayla
:x: Best hair: hmm.
:x: Cutest smile: =D

:x: Do you have a significant other?? nope
:x: Who?? you :)
:x: Are they sexy?? oh yeah
:x: How much time have you wasted on eachother(how long)?? a lot?
:x: Do they give you any ;P(wink)?? all the time.
:x: How many B/f's G/f's have you added to your list?? haha. way too many
:x: How many Bastards/Bitches have scarred your <3?? uno
:x: Are you a <3breaker?? ha.
:x: Has a backstabbing Bastard/Bitch ever stolen your lover?? ilovemarcella

T h i s -or- T h a t
:x: (better couple)Marcella and Bj - the question is supposed to be, who is the better couple, sarah and marcella or bj and marcella. haha
:x: Sarah -or- Marcella?? Marcella :)
:x: Cops -or- Robbers?? robbers
:x: Road Rules -or- Real World?? real world
:x: Degrassi -or- Girls vs. Boys?? Degrassi
:x: Christina -or- Britney??ohhh that tough. both
:x: Sandals -or- Tennis shoes?? sneekers and flip flops
:x: Vince -or- Dom?? i<3 em both
:x: Make up -or- No make up?? depends
:x: Phone -or- Internet?? internet
:x: Bangs -or- No bangs?? no bangs. :(
:x: Slut -or- Bitch?? neither? lol
:x: Player -or- Hater?? player hater
:x: Lover -or- Fighter?? im a lover.
:x: Small -or- BIG?? haha depends on what we are talking about...
:x: Tall -or- Short?? medium
:x: Skinny -or- Fat?? i duno lol in the middle
:x: Up -or- Down??  down?
:x: Top -or- Bottom?? top
:x: Push -or- Pull?? push
:x: This survey -or- a different one?? this one duh.

<3 u marcella

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