33(6) (stars__kick) wrote,

i wanna watch u dream some more

went to my aunts. crazy old men i sware to you.
heress the story. Im walking down the street, minding my own business when this old man comes up to me and is like "have you ever considered modeling" Im like.."no." so he is going on with the story and hes like, "well you should go to this place, but you have to be 18" and im thinking "what a douche, i look ilke im 7 and a half" so i just keep walking.
i got to shelbys.
walked alllll the way back to my aunts.
Sabrina picked me up. we hung out, the next day we went to some barn where a bunch of bands from Oxford and Rochester were playing. Some were pretty good.. others were um yeah. Then we went home and hung out. Met a couple cuties. haha.

school sucks. erghh.
ps i got my backhandspring.
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